Monday, February 6, 2012

Home is just another word for You

I've been on a Billy Joel kick and Home is just another word for You is one of his lyrics and I thought it was appropriate. 

First off I want to say....
GOD RAISED ALL OF MY SUPPORT! Thank you all SO much for sacrificing financially and for praying for me while I am serving at Gospel for Asia. I appreciate it all so much.

                   I LOVE it here, you guys. I'm coming back but I LOVE IT HEEEEERE.

I haven't posted because I've just been so busy!  I wake up, do devotions, go to class and work (it isn't work-it's a privilage to serve God working at GFA but I call it work for short), come home, eat, do homework, giggle with the girls and go to sleep.  The week has been flying by.

I have a job!  And it's not a "well let's see what we can try to have you here lick this envelope, I already licked it, but I'm trying to find you something to do job" but it's actually needed!  I'm getting to make a difference on eternity!  Each person that works at GFA represents about 200 missionaries and each missionary will go on to start about 20 churches.  Churches are comprised of many people who have accepted Jesus as their savior.  THAT'S A LOT OF PEOPLE!  I AM blessed to be able to do this!  It IS a privilage!  I DO love caps lock! 

My job is Event Manager!  There are volunteers who work for Gospel for Asia and they go to conventions and set up booths so people can learn about Gospel for Asia and someone needs to register for the events and send the volunteers material to distribute and that person is me! 

It's blurry, but this is my desk.
I have one of the best views in the whole building!  You can't really tell but the whole wall is comprised of windows and all I see all day is the green hedge, the blue sky and the birds.  So nice.

It's not all work!  Here I am having fun with my roommates and friends.  :)
They're great girls.  For some reason, my roomie Kathryn thinks I'm a hoot.  She constanly wants me to say things like bag, rag and dragon because instead of saying "bahg" I say "bayeg".
You know what I mean?  I guess it's a Minnesota thing.  And everyone down here calls their Aunts Ants.  Ants are bugs.

Speaking of Aunts, my Uncle Bill, Aunt Amy and Cousin Jacob picked me up for church and then we went out for lunch and they bought me such much appreciated groceries.  It was so nice to spend time with them.  At Target Jacob slipped his hand in mine and we walked hand in hand.  It was so sweet.